Jewelry Concept

Imaginative, Innovative, Interchangeable

Jewelry that empowers you to change your mind

At Andria Arie, we strive to design innovative pieces that celebrate change and celebrate variety. So after many years of research and development we created jewelry with interchangeable stones, which is patented. Our interchangeable center gemstone is the focal point of all our necklaces and bracelets. With our jewelry, you have the option to change out the large center gemstone in our jewelry pieces. Each removable gemstone is cut and calibrated to fit our pieces. The rubber O ring in the pendant cover is meant to protect the stone from being scratched by the silver. The jewelry is designed so that the removable stone is interchangeable between pendants and bracelets.


A number of talented artisans and craftsmen have carefully crafted each piece of jewelry with precision and skilled detail.

High Quality.

Our jewelry is made with tarnish resistant high quality .925 sterling silver with 14k gold and other precious metal accents.

Made in the USA.

Every Andria Arie piece is designed and manufactured within the United States. With our environment in mind, all of our jewelry packaging is made of recycled materials.

Andria Arie jewelry purchase comes with:

  • Five natural gemstones of your choice (from our list )
  • Your choice of chain for pendants
  • Custom Andria Arie jewelry box made of 100% recycled materials
  • Complimentary tarnish resistant storage bag and polishing cloth

Our jewelry pieces are fine jewelry and need to be treated with care and gentleness to maintain their original high quality.