About Us

We Are Green

At Andria Arie, we are proud to be an environmentally friendly jewelry company and actively practice “green initiatives” to create our jewelry and help protect our planet.  All of our boxes and inserts are made of 100% recycled paper and cardboard.

It is important to us to work with companies that share the same values we do. The company that produces the paper for our jewelry boxes is powered by renewable hydroelectric generators, which save on fossil fuel. Using hydroelectric power also limits the release of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. All things we want to continue to help eliminate.

Andria Arie’s manufacturing facility also follows “green initiatives”. Our plant’s process incorporates water recycling through the use of a state of the art closed- loop plating systems, where all processed water is recycled and no water is released into the environment. Our manufacturing facility also uses processes that minimize waste and other pollution. Other “green initiatives” that are in place include, high efficiency air compressors, paper recycling program, and LED lighting throughout the manufacturing facility.